Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love going home!

I got to go home this weekend and it was amazing! Even if it was just for about 36 hours. I love getting to see my family and just hang out at home on my couch. Not that I don't love my little apartment up here in Salt Lake but there is something about Vegas and being with my family that just makes me so happy. And while at home this weekend I got to watch my Rebs dominate the cougars! It was the greatest thing ever. I love the rebels... and they looked so good this weekend. I seriously think they could have beat any team in the country on Saturday. They just looked amazing.And Trevor and I had some great seats too. Normally were not the PDA type but after that win we decided we had to get a good pic! But basically it was an amazing weekend. Family time and rebels! And i get to go home again next weekend and I can't wait.

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Elizabeth Cannon said...

Jordan! I absolutely love this post!! Yay for you and Trevor and for beating the Y!!